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All Desktop Operating Systems and Recovery posts

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    Run the windows 7 upgrade advisor and see what it reports...


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    It says yes. I need to buy Windows OS disk and key right?

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    That is correct.


    You can buy an upgrade disk and key or a full installation disk and key, if W7 is still available for sale.

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    High fan speed out of the box is not a good sign.


    Please see this HP Support document on HP's UEFI BIOS.


    Reboot your PC and tap the "ESC" key to enter the Startup Menu.


    The BIOS can be accessed from the Startup Menu.


    You have not provided your product number. There may be a BIOS update to fix the fan speed.


    There is not much that can be done using HP's BIOS settings. Not much tweaking can be done on fan speeds or overclocking the system.


    Are you in the return/refund window?


    A Win 10 driver may be the cause. Did you upgrade or did HP ship the system with Win 10?



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  • 06/26/16--05:49: RAM HP 251-A107A
  • Hi there, I bought a  HP 251-A107A 6 months back from H Norman and feel another 4Gb of RAM might help. I havent opened it up as its still under warranty. Are there slots avbailable to accomodate axtra RAM and are there any RAM chips prefrred by HP.

    Thanks you

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  • 06/26/16--05:55: just purchased Hp 750-217C
  • install pictorial setup illistration number 2 shows HDMI, VGA and DVI. I find no VGA or DVI connections. Is a board missing?

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    The I/O ports picture on your model PC's support page only shows 2 HDMI out ports for video.



    Back I/O ports

    Figure : Odense back I/O panel
    Odense back I/O panel
    1. USB 2.0: 2
    2. LAN (Ethernet)
    3. HDMI: 2
    4. USB 3.0: 2
    5. Audio: Line in
    6. Audio: Line out
    7. Audio: Microphone

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    Preserving the recovery partition and creating HP recovery media will most likely be an exercise in futility.


    The HP Recovery partition may not work correctly unless the new SSD is the same size as your factory installed HDD. One or two TB SSD's are very expensive.


    See below if you still want to proceed. Otherwise refer to devising a new backup strategy.


    You can clone or migrate the existing HDD to the SSD.


    Samsung SSD's usually ship with data migration software or you can download the software from Samsung. This software only works with Samsung SSD's.


    The easiest solution is to create HP Recovery discs or a Recovery USB stick.


    Please see this HP Support document for instructions.


    I recommend using a 32 GB USB drive. The recovery process is much quicker than using discs.


    Again, no HP recovery options will work on the SSD unless the size of the new SSD is equal to the factory installed HDD or HP offered an SSD configuration option at purchase equal to the size of the SSD you are installing.


    This means if you have to do a factory recovery you will have to recover to the factory HDD and then migrate the operating system to the SSD again.


    You need a new backup and recovery plan for your operating system.


    Check out Macrium free or Paragon Free or purchase one of them. I am pretty sure both program's provide for cloning the operating system to SSD's. I use a paid for version of Paragon and have cloned HP operating systems from larger HDD's to smaller SSD's with zero problems.


    I use Paragon for backups and recovery purposes as the HP recovery options will not work on a smaller SSD.








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  • 06/26/16--08:25: Re: HPE-112y
  • Model: HPE-112Y

    Prod#: VT637AA-ABA

    OS: Win10

    Issue: No Media apps [Movies & Tv, VLC, YouTube] audio when using HDMI out. system sounds work and apps & audio works from 3.5mm connections. Error message: "Another application is controlling the sound, close it to continue"



    Greetings Gentleman,


    I apologize for bothering all of you with such a trifling issue, however I have exhausted my standard troubleshooting methods and am in dire need of your assistance. Also this is a temporary CPU while my G50-45 Lenovo Notebook

    for a possible bad LCD cable. It actually belongs to my sister; she has suffered a great deal of loss lately and has always taken care of her idiot little brother [that'd be me, folks] so I really want to jazz this puppy up for her.  Sadly I did not research upgrading to Win10 from the 7 Home premium. And I let it format the drive w/o imaging the recovery partition. So many rookie mistakes, I am shocked at myself.


    Methods to resolve issue attempted:

    -Restore Point

    -Win10 Reset/refresh x2

    -Auto driver updater app


    -Disabling, deleting, reinstalling audio drivers

     -Death Threats ["I have a nickle electromagnet and I'm not afraid to use it!!"]

    -Disabling re-enabling Windows Audio Service


    My next step is to try using an older GFX driver, but I am not sure if that will help or make things worse.


    Any assistance is appreciated. If additional info is needed please ask. Thank you in advance.


    -Johnny 5 Robot Very Happy

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  • 06/26/16--08:27: Re: Reinstall Windows 7
  • Hi,


    I need the model number or product number.


    There should be an HP Support sticker on the side of the tower with both numbers listed.



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  • 06/26/16--08:51: Re: HPE-112y
  • Hi, Johnny:


    Did you try installing the AMD HDMI audio driver directly from Realtek?


    If not, you may want to give that a go.


    Accept the agreement, download and install the driver listed

    ATI HDMI Audio Device R2.70


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    Thank you for your support.


    I just have found the product number, which is N0X15AV#ABA


    Product Name is 850-150qe


    Are there any recommended updates I can do to fix the problem?



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  • 06/26/16--17:47: Re: HPE-112y
  • Paul,

    Want to hear something weird? I met the head of HP's warranty repair division in 2012 when i was working at STAPLES in small town as a PC tech. He came in for printer ink of all things, of course HP has a corporate account and he didn't have to pay for it. Anyway, we got to talking and he gave me his email, every so often i email him... And he still responds!! Crazy, huh?


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    Also HP shipped the system with Windows 10 installed.



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    The 5540 all in one series disc, isnt connecting the desktop to the printer, using the USB cord. we would like to know how to make that possible.  

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    BigBad64, I'm having the same issue. But my new problem is....What Does WD1TB mean?

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  • 06/26/16--21:19: Hp 251-108a
  • The computer seems to lag or stop after about 3 to 5 minutes. How do I run it in safe mode and should I get rid of Windows 10 back to 7 as 10 seems messy and hard to use.

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    As I was thinking...


    So I should buy USB-SATA adapter. 

    ...and new HDD.


    Thank You for reply!

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  • 06/27/16--00:32: Re: Operating System?
  • That's really strange no software issue would stop function keys working at boot up have you got another USB keyboard you could try.

    If not this is going to be assessed at HP service centre or Local IT repair shop


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    I want to check your current BIOS version.


    Open Search (Cortana),


    Enter or speak "msinfo32".


    Get back to me with the BIOS version and date listed in "System Information" on the system summary screen.



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